Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Love

There has been alot of hubbub this week regarding one of my favorite shows, Big Love.

There is talk of some temple secrets being revealed in the next episode. I have been reading comments on KSL and Standard.net and the people who are commenting are upset b/c they think its the Polygamists who are going in the temple in the show and people are going to have the wrong impression on the Mormon's stand on polygamy.

If they watched the show, they would know that the 1st sister wives' family is LDS and its the sister and brother in law who are temple-worthy... if thats not who does the endowment ceremony and/or gets excommunicated, I'll be very suprised... but thats what I get from the previews. (Not once have the Hendrickson's had anything to do with the temple... all ceremonies have taken place in their backyard)

*** 3/11/09 update: From what was released today, its the 1st wive who is going into the temple as the LDS church was notified of her polygmus ways and she has to make a decision of what beliefs to follow***

The LDS church made a comment today that they aren't going to boycott HBO and asked their members to be thoughtful... and HBO said they didnt mean to offend anyone, but they are still going to air the show b/c it would affect the storyline not to. The 2 big people involved are ok with it...

My feelings... nothing is going to change no matter how upset people get in their comments on these sites so if you dont like it, dont watch it. Its a fictional show. I love the show... I dont know (or care) how much is factual to current or past beliefs, I just find it a fun show that's based in Utah and has alot of twists and turns and is some good entertainment and not something you can not take it to heart.

Just my thoughts... not meant to offend anyone :)

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Meg said...

Agreed. The comments on KSL can get CRAZY!! :)