Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday 2:38pm

Dr came in at 6:15am this morning and said she looks good and would come back in a few hours to check her dressing. When he came in the 2nd time and unwrapped her, he said she didnt have alot of drainage and the swelling was from the dressing pushing the fluid to her cheek. He said that he would have the surgeon come in later on.

We went down to the play room, got lunch, and took a walk. On the way back, we saw her doctors looking for her in the hallway. The one said "I think you get to go home today" but when they unwrapped her, there was alot of drainage. He had to rewrap her head and did it in a way that is uncomfortable. She freaked out... tears, screaming, kicking. Took about an hour for her to calm down.

I called my mom in tears... I felt so useless. Finally she calmed down enough to eat so she could take her pain medicine and then laid down. My mom came just a bit ago to check on us... and Ty was happy to see her and they went to the playroom and got a drink.

They put her on meds to dry up any left over saliva that is still in the area and will check her again this evening. Sounds like we will be here atleast until tomorrow.

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