Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday 7:51pm

Today was eventful...

Bryan took the day off work to be up at the hospital with us. Ty woke up EARLY and was hungry... she at breakfast, lunch, and dinner without getting sick. Yay!

Bryan's mom and SIL came up to see her and brought us lunch. They hung out for a while, Ty took them on a walk around the hospital. They brought Ty a stuffed monkey that she hasnt set down. I am so lucky to have such great in-laws.

Ty was so worried about waking up during the middle of surgery, so she has been practicing putting all her animals to sleep like the anthesiologist did. LOL

Ty's face looked swollen today. They gave her some ice, increased the pain meds, and the resident ENT said that he thought she had a hematoma. The surgeon came in and said he didnt think it was... but that he wanted them to "milk the drain" to see if anything could come out. Up until that point, nothing had drained.

A few hours passed and still nothing. Her pain was increasing and the Drs came back in again. They decided they needed to remove the drain. The tissue suctioned to the holes in the tubing and wouldnt allow for any of the stuff to drain. Because she had already eaten today they couldnt sedate her and at the rate she was swelling, they didnt want to wait until tomorrow. So they ended up giving her morphine to calm her and numbed the area. When he pulled out the defective drain, everthing came pouring out and she said she already felt better. He had to cut the stitches and insert a new drain, stitch her back up, and then do a pressure dressing.

She had her nurse wrap up her monkey to look like her. Silly girl. She went through everthing today like a trooper. I am so proud of her.... and I am exhausted and gonna lay down!

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