Thursday, February 26, 2009

Post Surgery Problems

Yesterday Ty’s school called and said she was in a lot of pain and the lump under her ear had doubled in size. I called the Dr’s office on my way to get her and said I was coming back for her to be looked at, either in the clinic or the ER.

When I got to school, she looked BAD. The lump was huge and purple and it looked like it was going to pop. Once we got to PCMC we ran into the Dr as soon as we got there and he looked at her in the hallway. He said it would been to be aspirated.

They got her all set up in the clinic treatment room, it was the resident, the surgeon, and another resident. They numbed it up and them drew out 2 syringe-fuls of junk. They sent them off for culture and put her on antibiotics. The surgeon reminded me that when he did surgery, there was some infection in the gland and he feels it didn’t clear up from just the antibiotics she was on in the hospital. He wrapped her head with a “Jaw Bra”. He said that between the little bit of saliva gland that is still left and still making saliva and the infection, its pooling up in her neck. He debated on us staying over, but ended up letting us go home and we had to return this morning.

We got there at 10am. He unwrapped her head and there was still swelling. We had to get her all cleaned up and aspirated it again. He said that every day it still swells, I need to take her back down there to have it done. We have an appointment already set up for next Tuesday incase there is no swelling between now and then for him to look at her again… I just hope we can make it that long without having to go back… but you do what you gotta do!

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Mary said...

awwww Poor TY! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help