Wednesday, February 25, 2009

PSS: Plastic Surgery

PSS: Monica asked our feelings on plastic surgery and if we’d ever get something done.

I guess the top thing on my mind when I think of plastic surgery is if I was to get a mastectomy done, I would for sure get implants. (In fact, when I was at a U/S appointment 2 weeks ago, the radiologist said “Why don’t you just get a prophylactic mastectomy and do implants?”) However my mom on the other hand is boob-less right now and getting new ones is not even on her mind…

If I didn’t have breast cancer on the brain, I still think if someone handed me a gift certificate to get something done I would keep my “girls” the same size just have them sit on their own without a bra… or do liposuction on my thighs b/c no matter what I do, they aren’t getting any smaller and its something I have just learned to deal with.

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Tina said...

Hi Lisa, my name is Tina and I work with Bryan. I had heard your mom is suffering from Breast Cancer and I am so sorry for this. My mom died 15 years ago March 12th from Breast Cancer and I too am trying to fight the fight before it happens. I read where you went and got genetic testing done and was wondering how you went about it. I want to do the same thing. Not only my mom but both her sisters fough Breast Cancer, her mom fought and lost to lymphoma, and my dad's mom lost to breast cancer when she was 36. I have it coming at me from all directions. If you dont mind, could you please let me know what to do for the genetic testing. I get mamograms every 6 months and have tried contacting the huntsman center but have not heard anything back. Thank you in advance. you can email me at I would appreciate it sooo much!!!