Monday, February 16, 2009

Surgery Countdown- 1 more day

The kids came back from their dad's last night without any coughs or runny noses, so that is good. This morning they slept in a bit and just hung out and played since they had the day off. We went to get haircuts, then I took the kids to see Coraline. It was in 3D and a great show. We all enjoyed it. We went shopping and then to dinner at TGIFridays.

After dinner we came home and I packed everything up. I have more stuff to pack than Ty does since she has to wear PJ's from the hospital, but I got her new slippers and packed her robe and a blanket. I think we are set from that side.

I am getting nervous. Not sure how well I am going to sleep tonight. I keep wondering if I am making the right decision. What happens if she ends up with facial paralysis? Its rare, but it can happen. I feel deep in my heart that going through what she has for the past 3.5 yrs has been a lot... that being on antibiotics and going to the doctor monthly isn't good. I know the surgeon is the best and if anyone was to do this, its him. He even told me that this is a big thing for us, but is something he is used to and he isnt worried about it. I really feel I am making a decision that is in her best interest, its just that its almost time, my nerves are showing.

Keep Ty in your prayers... surgery is tomorrow afternoon. I'll try to update my blog as I can.

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Mary said...

she's in my thoughts alot going through sugerys myself I know the feeling keep me posted!