Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ty Update

Ty went to school yesterday until about 11am and I got a phone call saying "Momma, my head has been on my desk all day. I am so tired. Can I come home?" and being that I have such a wonderful boss, she told me I can work from home as needed to take care of Ty so I got my stuff packed up, picked her up, and then worked from home the rest of the afternoon.

The nurse from the clinic called and said Ty can wash her hair and I have never seen a girl so excited! LOL She also faxed a note to the school asking them to give Ty Tylenol as needed for pain so that may help her to make it through the day.

She still has a little lump under her ear that I am assuming is draining pooling up, but the redness is going down and it hasnt gotten any bigger from when we got home from the hospital.

She has a post op appointment next Thursday (a week from now) so we will see how things go. She isnt complaining alot, just a little pain and some tiredness. She is such a trooper!


the Burtons said...

ive been waiting to hear bout her back to school day! she is so strong and i adore her.

you DO have a awesome boss for that !!!!

Mary said...

awwww Miss Ty! So glad your home and doing much better!