Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday 7:32pm

Another long day...

Ends up Ty was grumpy earlier b/c she was in pain. She didnt want to take the medicine b/c it was yucky. We had a talk about it and found out that they have flavoring so hopefully that doesnt happen again.

Her little face is swollen and red. The Dr came in to see her and said it was just b/c of the compression dressing and would be back in the morning to check her again. He said that he spoke with the surgeon and was told we would be here until atleast Saturday.

She has been eating alot... nachos, mozzerella sticks, ice cream, grilled chicken sandwiches, and tons of gatorade. They dont care what they eat or drink, as long as they are doing it... they have a menu they can choose from (yummy stuff!) and can call to room service between 7am-730pm.

Another thing, they told me this must be the week for saliva gland surgeries... they have had 3 more since her. Odd!

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