Sunday, February 15, 2009

Surgery Countdown... 2 days to go

Ty is at her dad's this weekend and I pray that she doesn't get sick while she is there. I sent her airborne with her, but we will see if he gives it to her... The hospital called and no food after midnight on Monday night... water/apple juice/sprite until 1045am and then nothing. We need to be to Primary Children's at noon and surgery is around 2pm. Surgery can take up to 4 hrs.

Bryan has Tuesday off, his mom and SIL will be there, my mom is going to try to be there but has to go back to Ogden for her last radiation treatment. Her dad said he will come up after work... not sure if any of his family is planning to be there.

The closer we get the more nervous I become. She is feeling the same way. She has had a lot of questions like "what if I wake up and surgery isn't done?" so I am answering them best and as honestly as I can.

Tomorrow I am off work and they are off school, so I am going to keep her occupied, we are going to go to a movie and dinner. I went to the store and got her some crafty things to take to the hospital... Bryan and I got her new PJs and slippers yesterday as well.

She comes home in a few hours so I will see how she is doing then...

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