Monday, February 9, 2009

Surgery Countdown: Day 8

Pneumonia, probably pneumonia, cough, runny nose/cough, and plugged ears/ a sore throat. That about narrows down what I have going on in my house.

This being a house that needs to be a sickness free zone b/c Ty has her surgery next week and I need to protect her from illness so it doesn’t have to be postponed. Everyone is on cough and cold medicine, we are doubling up on the vitamins, and Ty is taking “Airborne” 2x a day. I’ve never been a believer in it, never used it myself, but I am doing anything I can to keep her healthy right now. This surgery is a long time coming… and we have been counting down the days since we have had it scheduled. I pray it doesn’t get postponed b/c someone is sick!

I wish the surgeon a good trip home from India and that he is ready next week to take care of my little girl.

Yesterday at church, we put Ty on the prayer list and got a blessing from the Pastor. I didn’t realize how nervous I was b/c I broke into tears when he was praying. Drew told me it was ok b/c we were in the “cry room” and that’s what you are supposed to do there. LOL

I just want it all to be over with… have her out of surgery, on the mend, and get this all behind us (unless we end up doing the other side… ). 3.5 years of infections, swollen lumps, doctor’s visits, late nights, and tears is about all the little girl and her mom can take!

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Meg said...

Ty is in my thoughts and prayers. Try not to stress yourself out too much!!!! She sounds like a tough little girl!