Monday, February 2, 2009

TylerNicole is 9!!!

Ty turned 9 on Saturday so we had a fun festive weekend planned. Friday night Ty went to dinner with her dad so Drew and I went to pick out her cake and ice cream. Drew made sure that the cake had butterflies on it and chose root beer float ice cream. We got her a few more gifts, went home to wrap them, and she got home around 7pm and was exhausted and went right to bed.

Saturday was an early start. She opened her presents and then off to get her hair done. She loves going to see Kellie at The Image Maker. Kellie curled her up all cute and gave her some birthday lip gloss. After that, I took her to my Stampin’Up workshop in Farr West. We worked on a couple of projects and she got to be the helper. She answered the door for the guests and did the door prize drawings (the workshop was at her old babysitter’s house). She loved seeing Jenn and Christian there… and she won’t take off the sweatshirt they got her!

From there we went down to the Megaplex in Ogden. Her friend Alyssa met us there and we went to see Hotel for Dogs. It was a cute show. They ate popcorn and candy and just laughed and laughed. While we were there Bryan sent me a text saying that he took Taylor to the Dr. b/c his cough got worse and he has pneumonia. He passed out in the X-Ray room and had to get a shot and a lot of medicine. He is going to stay with us until Tuesday for follow-up Dr appointments. Poor Kid!

After that I took Ty and her friend to TGIFridays for lunch. They were so cute! Ty kept telling everyone that it was her birthday and then decided to act embarrassed when they sung to her! LOL

We took Alyssa home after lunch and hung out at her house for a while. We know Alyssa from church. Drew is friends with her little sister and we all hung out together at bible camp last year. They are such a fun family. We love having them as friends!

From Alyssa’s we rushed back to Farr West to my mom’s house… where we celebrated Ty and my mom’s birthday with dinner and the butterfly cake and root beer ice cream. Most of my siblings were there, along with my cousins, aunt, Blake, and Bryan’s family. Ty got SPOILED!!

Some of her gifts were nail polish in funky colors… purple, pink, green, blue. So when we got home from my mom’s she some how talked Bryan into painting his nails! What a sport! Little did he know, we didn’t have any nail polish remover! LOL

Sunday we went to church and then went shopping with all the gift cards she got. She went to Wal-Mart, Target, and Justice. She had a ball!! We met my parents in Clearfield for dinner at Teppanyaki, which was my birthday present to my mom. We had a great time and a wonderful weekend.

Happy Birthday Miss T-Nic!

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Mary said...

LOL Ohhhhh Bryan you look so pretty in that pink nail polish!!! He's such a good sport! Hope he starts to feel better soon!! Maybe I need to make him a comfy blanket as well! :-)