Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 6 Letter

A letter to a stranger:

Dear Man in Ogden in the wheelchair with the hot pink hair,

I’ve seen you around town, zipping around in your wheelchair. Your arms crooked and legs flailing. I remember thinking “God, help that man b/c I couldn’t imagine being in his place”… and couple of weeks ago, I saw you at church. You gave your testimony about your love for Christ. Due to your disability it took some time to get the words out you were trying to say, but we all understood what you were trying to tell us. The time it took and the words you shared truly brought the Holy Spirit into the room. I was blessed by you that day. I stood there with tears streaming down my face and was so thankful that you found the strength and comfort of our amazing Savior. Although I still don’t know your name, you are no longer a stranger to me… you are my brother in Christ.

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