Friday, September 17, 2010

Letters 16-18

day 16 — someone that’s not in your state/country

Someone in Ireland,
Can I come visit? All the pictures I see are beautiful!

day 17 — someone from your childhood
My grade school boyfriend.

Hard to believe so much time has passed… some of my memories seem like yesterday, but I’ve lived in Utah now for 18 yrs. I am glad we have reconnected on Facebook and I get to see your cute little family. I am glad you are doing well and wish you the very best. Take care!

day 18 — the person that you wish you could be

Dear Self,
You’ve come a long way! There are still things that could use some work though… like holding back your emotions when you are upset. Crying is the way you vent and I wish you could keep that under control a bit better. Where you aren’t getting yourself as upset at your ex-husband anymore, I wish you would stick up for your daughter more. What’s the worst that’s going to happen, he not want to see her? May not be a downside… Anyway, since you now have Jesus in your heart, you are a much better person. Keep it up!

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