Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What a pain in the butt!


Bryan and I along with some other family rode our motorcycles up to Peach Days last weekend. On the way home, he hit a bump that kind of threw me up and slammed my butt down on the seat. Joking, I told him to take it easy or he is going to break my butt.

Well, my tailbone area was sore for a couple of days, nothing bad... Infact, I forgot what happened for a while. Then last Thursday night I couldnt sleep. My butt hurt so bad! I got up every couple of hours, tylenol, hot baths, etc. This continued through the weekend and on Sunday I was laying on my floor with my butt up in the air, just bawling b/c I hurt so bad.

Monday morning I went to my PCP to see what was going on. She took a look and said I needed to go to a GI dr b/c the trauma from the motorcycle caused some problems and thought I had a blood clot. She said that this Dr would be able to lance the blood clot and the pain would be gone. Yay! I looked forward to this appointment, I needed some relief.

So I didnt eat after midnight, had my dad there to drive me, everything they said to do... and when I got to the Dr's office I was told I didnt need to do all that, its just a consult, they wouldnt be doing anything today. Uh, yeah. I freaked out at the receptionist. Pain doesnt make me a nice person.

I went in to see the GI doctor and he said that I would need to see a Colon/Rectal surgeon. Ok, lets do it... I havent eaten so lets get this done. Yeah, that didnt work... b/c his next appt was Oct 5th. That didnt go over so well and I freaked out AGAIN.

I called my mom b/c she works at a hospital in SLC and asked her if there was anyone else I could go see sooner. She gave me the name of a couple of Dr's there and one was able to get me in at 1pm. (Yeah, I resulted to name dropping!)

We drove down there, met with the Dr. After her exam she said she was worried about an abcess and that's whats causing all the pain. She also said she thought I had a broken tailbone. She wanted me to go to the OR to have an exam done under anthesia b/c she couldnt do much without me screaming.

At 530 I was taken to the OR, sedated, and she did her thing. Ends up not to be an abcess, but I do have a blood clot and a broken tail bone. The blood clot is reabsorbing on its own, so we dont have to do anything about that. If the pain from my tail bone doesnt go away in the next couple of weeks I need to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon. She was able to inject some kind of numbing medication when in surgery and the painw as completely gone for about 12 hours so I finally was able to sleep last night, which was much needed.

Today isnt as bad, although I am bruised and sore. I pray for comfort and healing. I have never had pain like this before and I am such a wuss!

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