Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MercyMe Concert

I took Ty to the MercyMe concert at the State Fair a couple weeks ago. We had a great time in the front row. It was neat to see all the Christians there… a lot of people from my church as well as other youth groups and families. MercyMe is just amazing and you could definitely feel the spirit at our fairground worship that night.

Something the lead singer said was “ You will never be shiny or polished enough to earn the grace of God” and that has stuck with me the last little while. When I struggle with feeling like I am supposed to be perfect, I know that God loves me in spite of my faults. He isn’t asking me to be perfect, He is asking me to be me… He knows I am broken and I make mistake and that is ok. You cant earn God's Grace, its yours when you have a relationship with him. Remembering that takes away a lot of undue stress and I am thankful for that.

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